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Flyer Template with Tabs

Have you ever needed a simple Microsoft Word template flyer? Here is a free one that you can download and use.

Free flyer template - MS Word Well, I needed one the other day to advertise commercial office space for rent. I wanted to create a flyer that had phone number tabs at the bottom. The kind that you see in every pizza place or community bulletin board.

In that past, I would use a Microsoft Publisher template to accomplish this. However, I haven’t seen MS Publisher in a few years (does it still exist?). In any event, I wanted a template that I could use in MS Word since I already have it installed and I didn’t want to install a new program for this one off design.

This isn’t a hard thing to do, but if you are like me, you might like to start with a template and then modify it from there. Let someone else spend the 30 minutes aligning things and getting the print version correct and then build on what they designed. The tab alignment at the bottom took a little tweaking to get it centered and aligned correctly. Since everything today is web-centric, you will see I have a 4 line tab to provide room for a web site address or an e-mail address.

Page Layout Properties: Flyer template page property screen shot

I hope that this free word template is helpful for someone. If you like it, bookmark this post. Of course you will need Microsoft Office to use it. If you require a different file format, let me know.

By WNY Handyman

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33 replies on “Flyer Template with Tabs”

Hi, Thank you so much for sharing this flyer template! I remember when I was looking for a roommate in college I had to make one like this but I lost it. It took me so long to figure how to make the tabs on the bottom. You are so nice!

Thank you VERY much for sharing this. I’ve seen these and used to have a program that had the tab template but I lost it. I have been looking for a template like this to help advertise my husband and my mobile auto repair business. It has been a struggle trying to get the wording right on Google to find something. I even asked for a friends help and he found something that had leaves on it. Didn’t want that as the ink to print would cost a lot. This is perfect! Thank you again for sharing!!!!

I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. I saved a great deal of time figuring so I felt I should take this time to tell you that you are much appreciated.


I am glad you could use the template. I put this online knowing there would be others who needed the same thing. I am happy that you could use it.

Thanks so much, Handyman, as my wife and I are searching for a condo in several specific buildings, and your template was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! Happy 2010!

Thank you very much Handyman. My search for a template was not in vain before i started to construct one from scratch. You saved me a lot of time and anguish.

Indeed, thank you. So many want to charge you instead of help you. I’m hittin the streets tomorrow with the new flyers. Thanks again.

I thank you very much for this, but i am having trouble flipping the text in the tabs, i don’t know i just think i have crappy stuff on my cp, lol

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