If you are a house flipper, renovator, or handyman, you need an iPhone!


I purchased an iPhone a couple of weeks ago after finally deciding it was time for a new phone (a child’s toy phone had more features than my 6 year old phone).

The iPhone has been a huge help in my day to day when I am on a job site. There have been many reviews of the iPhone, so I will not cover all of the features that it has. CNet does a great job with their comprehensive iPhone review.

There are many features that I find highly useful when working on a project and, as with most apple projects, they are simple to use.

  1. Notes: I use the notes function to keep a shopping list for each project that I have going. This certainly beats the scraps of paper that would go through the wash, or simply get lost after half of the items were purchased. I pull out my phone when at my home center and can knock everything off efficiently.
  2. Camera: The camera can be used in many ways. In the simplest form, it is nice for documenting the progress of a project. Everyone loves the before and after photo. As a tool, the camera function of the iPhone can be used when you are pulling apart a wall and need to document the location of wiring, plumbing, etc. It is easy to forget these things and a simple photographic reference can’t be beat.
  3. Web Browser: On just about any project, you will need to reference certain things. Some of the more common ones are the rough opening dimensions for appliances and in other cases, you might need to look up the code required for certain things such as toilet clearance. The browser puts the web at your fingertips and with the unlimited data plan provide by AT&T, you don’t have to worry about added cost.
  4. iTunes: What would a job be without a little music to keep you sane. When working alone, a little music in your ear can really help to keep your spirits up and your work pace moving forward.
  5. Weather: Working on your timeline, or project plan? Weather plays a critical role and can help you plan your week accordingly
  6. Calculator: Use the calculator… human error is minimized.
  7. Phone: Oh yeah, this is actually a phone. This tools is an obvious must and I don’t need to say much about how much of a necessity this is on any job site.
  8. Email: It is great to be able to truly stay in touch. I am most impressed with the email functions of the iPhone. It is essentially taking a snap shot of your email and provides you with virtually full functionality with a simple app. I don’t have to worry about pulling a message from the server and wondering what device it is located on. The email application interacts in a way that makes sense.

I would recommend the iPhone to anyone who is on a job site. If you can afford to bite the bullet of about $400 and $59 (minimum) a month, go for it.