Tim Russert

Perhaps this isn’t the forum where you would expect a tribute to be written about Tim Russert, but that is really the beauty of who he was. Tim Russert was the best at his job. He was thorough and had the personality that everyone wanted to be around and wanted to connect with.

As a Buffalonian, Tim made you feel like you still knew him and that he could give you access to the highest levels of the government. Personally, I felt that the Buffalo voice would always be heard in politics thanks to a guy like Tim.

I wanted to write this short note to simply state that a guy like Tim Russert made me want to be a better person. The real person behind the public persona that these public figures project doesn’t always ring true, but with Tim Russert, it appeared to be as close to the real deal as there is.

I wasn’t a regular viewer of meet the press, but whenever Tim was on the air on any other show that I happened by, I would pause and watch and usually be smiling during and after. His many appearances on the Tonight show were fantastic. He was also a great interview when he was out promoting his books. An appearance with Charlie Rose, Donny Deutsch, or Tom Brokaw was always great entertainment. Full of great stories, simple advice, and a lot of laughs.

We should all follow some of Tim Russert’s advice.

  • Work Hard
  • Laugh a lot
  • Keep your honor

HGTV is looking for an On Air Handyman

HGTV We were contacted by a company called GotCast and I felt that this would be of interest to some of our readers. In fact, I have already notified a couple of friends that would fit the part.




The highly rated HGTV series “Carter Can” is back for another season and casting for a talented and dynamic ON-AIR handyman!

You will be working with a construction team headed by host Carter Oosterhouse to help the selected families plan and implement a small-scale renovation that transforms into a big “wow”.

Handymen should be prepared to make miracles happen on a small budget and have the know-how, creativity and imagination to assist with home improvement projects and help brainstorm cool custom construction projects specific to the homeowners’ situations and personalities.

Handymen must have a great ‘can do’ attitude along with a personable and outgoing personality. On-camera or behind-the-scenes home design TV experience is a huge plus. The position starts in June and there is a professional salary.

If you are interested please click this link:

About is the Internet’s premier casting website. We discover incredible talent through online casting competitions tied to specific on camera roles. Members of our community create unique talent profiles and audition for Hollywood roles while Casting Directors and Agents search for undiscovered stars.


Home Depot Coupon Code

As always, I like to share in the savings when possible. I just received this Home Depot Coupon Code via email. It is good for 10% off online. Enjoy your spring shopping!

Home Depot Discount Code: APRILSAVINGS28

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Home Depot Coupon Code

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10% off of your entire online order at

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This expires 10/24/2007. Not much time to shop, but if it hits you at the right time, I am sure that it will help.


Who is Buying the Buffalo Bills?

Let’s not talk about the loss to the Cowboys last night. It was terrible.

Let’s look at the big picture of the franchise and assume that the Buffalo Bills are for sale right now. For anyone who caught the sideline interview with Thurman Thomas last night, you should think about the things he said. If nothing else, Thurman has a big heart and lacks a poker face. He discussed the organization, and he spoke about the fact that he is moving back into town, that Jim Kelly is living back in Buffalo and so is Steve Tasker. He was asked about the organization and replied as if Kelly and Thomas (and Tasker) were a part of things right now.

In my opinion, this means one of two things.

  1. They are simply part of the organization and administration. This group possesses knowledge of the game and brings back the winning attitude that every team needs.
  2. They are negotiating with Ralph Wilson to purchase the team. How often have you heard that Ralph Wilson and Thurman Thomas have a bond like father and son? “Well son, if you can raise the funds, you can purchase the team. In fact, I’ll give you first dibs.”

Call me crazy, but I see this as a real possibility.

Jim Kelly has some terrific connections and has always had business interests outside of the game (JKE, Network, Race Team, Etc). Thurman has the close connection with Ralph Wilson and a few bucks as well.

Owning an NFL franchise is not something that many have a chance at. Even big money folks will never be allowed to enter the club. Thurman and Kelly could hold the key. Even the franchise in the smallest market kicks off cash to the owner or ownership group. Don’t forget about the fact that the teams value increases each and every year (the big money part of the deal). Ralph paid about $25,000 for the franchise back in 1959. The team value is now estimated at $750,000,000. Not a bad return!

Look for future moves from this potential group.


Dyson Vacuum’s on Sale

dyson vacuums on sale
Have you been waiting to buy a Dyson vacuum but didn’t want to pay full fare. Well, Lowe’s has the Dyson on sale. It is actually a sale on all floor care products in the Buffalo area. 20% off!! The clerk at the store didn’t think that the higher end stuff was included since it wasn’t marked, but it turned out that it was. The sale prices will show up on the Lowe’s web site if you enter your zip code. The sale ends on 5/25/07.

Hit your local Lowe’s to get a Dyson vacuum of your own while they are still on sale. I bought one for my wife’s birthday. Normally, buying a vacuum for your wife’s birthday isn’t such a hot gift idea, but somehow, the fact that it was a Dyson made all the difference. She loved it.