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Before and after photos from our various home renovation projects. Everyone loves a makeover and what better place to showcase some great before and afters than in here.

Small Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling Options

By |November 22nd, 2011|Before and After Photos, Cottage Project|

Do you have a very small bathroom and want to make efficient use of the space?  I do. I have a bath that is 6′ x 5′.  Obviously, this is a very small space for a 3 fixture bathroom.  However, there are some great options to squeeze all of your fixtures into this space.   One of the issues that compounds my problem is the 32″ door that swings into the bathroom space (see image below). The current layout has worked for 60+ years, but the shower was on its last legs and needed to go.  The current shower was essentially a 30″ x 30″ tin can.  It was very likely a shower from an old ship or submarine.  At 30″ square, it isn’t too accommodating to most normal sized adults.  There is a lot of clanking from flying elbows when an average size person washes their hair.  The room was too small to get a good photo of the old shower, but I did include a shot of the shower with 2 sides ripped off.  As you can see by the condition, it was clearly time for this fixture to be sent to the scrap heap.   […]

Window Seat Wall Unit Project

By |September 30th, 2011|Before and After Photos, Cottage Project|

Update June 26, 2012: Our window seat wall unit project is complete and fully functional.  I wish the photo would have included the nice array of back pillows along the bench, but that will undoubtedly show up in a future post about the cottage project. The following is a simple photo log of our window [...]