Auction currently at $170. Ends at 7:30PM

I occasionally view listings at a local auction site ( and came across an auction from CIL Asset Recovery. The location is nearby (Hamburg), so I decided to have a look at the items.

Turns out there is some great stuff including a Sjoberg workbench.  If you are a woodworker, you have probably seen the high end workbenches from Sjoberg, wanted one, and then looked at the price tag and walked away. They are pricey. A relatively simple looking bench can run over $1,000. However, they are precision pieces and are priced accordingly. The vise isn’t going to be out of alignment in a month like the $50 special that you might be using.

Sjobergs workbench auction

Sjobergs workbench auction

Click on the image to view the auction.  Hurry, this ends tonight at 7pm.

Here is the exact same bench at for $545. Even at $545, it is a good price, but for less than $200??!!